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Mastering The Art Of Live Performance 

Since leaving the teaching profession I have had time to shift into a much more divine state of being. I have had to break routines and reprogram my mind in order to simply cope with the human condition. After experiencing an intense reset, I have managed to realign my focus towards creating healthy habits and practice routines that are very much starting to enhance my ability to be a professional live performer. Working as a teacher in several Australian classrooms in both private and public schools…

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Alternate Perspectives 

In 2009 during my university summer holidays I encountered an opportunity to live in the remote Australian Aboriginal community of Ngukurr. Located in the Roper River Shire of Australia’s Northern Territory, moving to this vast bushland wilderness provided a diverse contrast to where I was born, the South Island of New Zealand. 

My mother was a senior teacher at Ngukurr Community School and lived there. I was half way through my music degree with my summer break ahead, so I decided to spend time with my…

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Press Release | Music Album - The Choice Is Yours  

Roots Rockn' Folk // Story Style Songs

On Saturday December 8th, Roots Rock Trio Lachlan Grant Splendor will perform live at Epilogue Lounge in Alice Springs, launching a brand new album of music called 'The Choice Is Yours'. Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Lachlan Grant will be accompanied by Carlos Naranjo on bass guitar and Joey Klarenbeek on drums. 'The Choice Is Yours' is a conceptual album inspired by introspection, inspiration and higher conscious awakening. The intention of this album is to…

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'The Choice Is Yours' - What are the songs about? 


A conceptual album inspired by introspection, inspiration and higher conscious awakening. The intention of this album is to remind people that they have a choice to be co creators of their reality and further inspire them to embrace authenticity free from judgement.

01 Believe In Possibility

With a tasty guitar groove and a driving rhythm, 'Believe in Possibility' introduces the sound, style and concept of the album. The lyrics approach themes of philosophy and wisdom while altering perspective between a…

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New Album: The Choice Is Yours 

For so long I wondered why I had not yet achieved success from my music, until I realized that I had no idea what success actually even meant. I spent two years traveling a foreign land in search of understanding, hoping that my recorded music would gain industry attention and allow me to break free from the norms of society. No such savior came.. Realizing that I must define success for myself, I swore an oath. I chose to never again let the outside world govern my internal condition. I am the guardian…

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