From the recording The Choice Is Yours

A song written back in my second year at Otago University. I remember playing guitar casually one morning and deciding to try and make a song using a finger style 12/8 guitar picking pattern. The lyrics address the idea of self discovery and take the perspective of a younger brother remembering being passionately inspired by his older brother but becoming confused with growing up. A lonely teen seeking company and friends but getting no sense of connection from his family. In embarking on a journey of self discovery, this young brother broke free and created his own reality. So many of us become distracted by the reflections we see of ourselves in others. In learning to look within for answers, one will realize he is his own self and not like anyone else. Embrace authenticity, it is your duty.

Written & produced by Lachlan Grant


When I was sixteen my brother was twenty
When I was sixteen life felt so empty
I looked up to him he was my role model
Level-headed, kept his emotions in a bottle
This then made me think it has to be his age
I wonder what it’s like the day I reach that stage

What if I become my Father’s other son?
Is this what I would want?
To just be another one?

I use to always think that I would turn out the same
Drink the same beer, burn with the same hot flame
And score the gorgeous girls but none of that came true
I’m me myself and I, someone else just would not do
Now I’ve come to know it was not his age
My life must now move, time to turn the page

Now that I’ve become my Father’s second son
This is what I want to be me, and the only one

As the train of life moves on
We’re always gonna think with ourselves there’s something wrong
We’re always gonna wonder what we’re like around the corner
Always gonna wonder why we were once our former

By Lachlan Grant