1. Pristine

From the recording The Choice Is Yours

An authentic roots rock groove with reminiscence of reggae and ska. 'Pristine' is a song about a someone brave enough to let love guide them and not fear. The lyrics tell a story of a young man who grew up in the desert, lonely, unloved yet still he felt prosperous and believed he was born to serve a greater purpose. One day he woke early and headed out to observe the sun rise, only to realize he needed to head through the sand until he discovered the coast line. He always wondered what the ocean looked like, he had a feeling it would be mesmerizing. He used the determination discovered within, made haste through the desert before finding serenity, peace and company.

Written & Produced by Lachlan Grant


Born and raised many miles away
The sand and the earth is all he’s ever known
His broken family made him seek redemption
He saw the sun rise and he thought to head in its direction
An ambitious soul with determination
A desire to succeed in whatever way need be

And so he’s off to make something of himself
With a need to believe in finding comfort and wealth

This pristine perfect place
The glassy glow upon crystal clear
This proximity to the sea
is impetus for his creativity
This desert dweller
He has come a long way
A fine first impression
You could say that he loves this place

He now loves his life and everything he’s done
A reward from the gods for trusting in fate
He’s got what he wants and that is everything he needs
Define your expectations or you won’t know when you succeed

And so he’s here and at peace with himself
Through belief and persistence he’s found his comfort and wealth

By Lachlan Grant