1. Collective

From the recording The Choice Is Yours

A song offering advice on how one can better them self. 'Collective' was the first song I wrote upon arriving in Canada during 2014. Written in the rhythm of 5/8 time, 'Collective' features a complex finger style guitar part offering some seriously sweet ear candy. The lyrics take the listener on a journey from weakness to strength, offering motivation and confidence to boost one's self esteem.

Written & produced by Lachlan Grant


Feel the food and what it’s doing to you
How does it make you feel?
Listen close and hear what’s being said to you
It’s the only way to learn

Take your time
Everything is fine
Sometimes there’s too much time,
You will be all right
Partner with peers
And those who understand you
Conquer courage
For it will give you strength

Live and be alive
You are the best at what you do
Be confident but not arrogant
Don’t show off be humble
Keep on pushing through
Just relax and feel florescent

Pace yourself
You are in control
Use your time effectively
Don’t be running on empty
Prepare your plan
But beware of alternatives
Are you calm and are you ready?
Everybody follow me

Why be uptight?
Why be a snob?
Why would stress when you don’t even need to?
Understand what your mind can do.

By Lachlan Grant
July, 2014