From the recording The Drifting EP

A song inspired by the idea of someone using lies and dishonesty to abuse those that are innocent and willing to risk trusting the unknown.


Don’t let the dawn of the next day
Cast a dark shadow on the light of today
Trust in me, I’m trustworthy
Will you be fooled by my dishonesty?

Lets go for a ride,
We can get high and watch the tide reside
Like the moon upon the beach,
I will leach you dry and I will let you die

Don’t let the truth ruin a good story
The words of the man possessed with Dishonesty
He causes pain to scratch his itch
He take your life in his own form of kindness

I looked into your eyes, I believed in your lies
I can’t believe I fell for your disguise
While lost within the moment I help back my What’s and whys
It never crossed my mind that you would Leave me here to die

Trust in me, I’m trustworthy
You were stupid enough to believe me
You came for the ride with nowhere to hide
Others should learn from you,
Don’t believe everything someone tells you

By Lachlan Grant