From the recording The Drifting EP

A song reflecting the idea of friendship after relationship... Some can do it, some of can not...


You lit my heart on fire, are you just another lyre?
The things we use to do, does it all mean Nothing to you?
It’s hard to believe you would mess around on me
My head is hung in shame and I can’t take this pain
I thought you were sweet, I thought you were kind
Being in love with you I could actually unwind
But you wound me all back up when you felt you had enough
I can’t imagine you more happy than the cute we smile you showed me

I can’t be friends
I can’t step back to that
To lay my eyes upon you and not be able to kiss you
That I couldn’t do

I now see what you are and what you’re about
You let me in and now you’ve shut me out
You know how much you meant to me
Now it seems you don’t even care for me
There’s something new within you
That I just can’t relate to

I gave you my heart
Now you’ve ripped it all apart
I loved you through and through
I guess it was wrong to do

By Lachlan Grant